VR was introduced into The Forest in the VR Beta update which was released on May 22nd, 2018.

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Version Changes V1.12 – VR Full support for Index and SteamVR 2.0 input system V1.12 – VR Custom build Input binding maps for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, Vive, Knuckles VR controllers V1.12 – VR Added Finger/grip tracking support for all VR controllers. Knuckles tracks all fingers independently V1.12 – VR Rebuilt the input hint system to be dynamic and match controller bindings / controllers V1.12 – VR Impact Haptic Vibration (can be disabled) V1.12 – VR Item Hover Vibration (can be disabled) V1.12 – VR Added support for VR native onscreen keyboard V1.12 – VR Linked Haptic vibration support to ‘controller rumble’ in options V1.12 – VR Fixed Timmy Epilogue camera V1.12 – VR Fixed Survival book movement lock bug V1.12 – VR Fixed Crossbow position reset when player knocked over during reload V1.12 – VR Fixed missing helicopter in sinkhole V1.12 – VR Fixed bug that prevented players from manually placing walls and fences on a foundation or floor V1.12 – VR Fixed Map missing back faces V1.12 – VR Fixed Climbing axe triggering power attacks V1.12 – VR Fixed Locked sliders in the options menu if a Controller is not plugged in V1.12 – VR Fixed Drowning not triggering V1.12 – VR Fixed Oculus unable to take dried meat from drying racks V1.12 – VR Fixed controls preventing players from adding meat to fires/drying racks while holding them V1.12 – VR Fixed effigies not lighting from lighter interaction V1.12 – VR Fixed Enemies color glitch in Multiplayer V1.12 – VR Fixed missing UI prompts for Repulsor Artifact V1.12 – VR Fixed duplicated Rebreather mesh in some 3rd person instances V1.12 – VR Fixed some transparent objects not visible at ocean/skybox horizon V1.12 – VR Fixed floating Bats in title scene V1.12 – VR Fixed bug with disabled physical crouching in VR resetting player height V1.12 – VR Fixed missing shelter Icons V1.12 – VR Fixed issues with watch hints / tutorials V1.12 – VR Fixed issue where options menu closes immediately when opened V1.12 – VR Fixed missing “Host Not Responding” alert in Multiplayer V1.12 – VR Fixed HUD visible during options / loading / pause menus V1.12 – VR Fixed Keyboard hints visible when no controller connected V1.12 – VR Fixed Pointer icon visible in certain contexts V1.12 – VR Fixed Grip button combining inputs from the trigger button V1.12 – VR Fixed intro Cutscene skip bug V1.12 – VR Fixed Modern bow and crafted bow with flashlight clipping through the crafting list if it is brought up while they’re not on the crafting mat V1.12 – VR Fixed Crafting List overlapping Crafting Cog V1.12 – VR Fixed instant ‘redrop’ of some items V1.12 – VR Fixed bug allowing game to be paused during Megan transformation, causing music desync V1.12 – VR Fixed ‘Select’ input on main menu switches to Grip after opening keypad door V1.12 – VR Removed visible controllers in the main menus V1.12 – VR Added missing Controller Hints V1.12 – VR Fixed movement in VR not working with Pedometer V1.12 – VR Fixed flare autolight when thrown V1.12 – VR Fixed Sleep interaction / information for shelters V1.12 – VR Fixed Save interaction for shelters V1.12 – VR Fixed Marker interaction / visibility for shelters V1.12 – VR Fixed tutorial backing bug issues V1.12 – VR Fixed tutorials not clearing V1.12 – VR Fix mapping controller changes for Unity 2017+ V1.12 – VR Fixed slow projectiles bug V1.12 – VR Fixed glowing circle visible under remote players feet when viewing inventory in caves V1.12 – VR Fixed controller hints inverted when looking from behind V1.12 – VR Fixed issue with player models face features visible in inventory V1.12 – VR Set Walkie Talkies audio to match selected output target V1.12 – VR Fixed stashing the bow while it is drawn locks the animation into the drawn state. Cannot be fired or reset afterwards. V1.12 – VR Fixed Samsung Odyssey deadzone issues V1.12 – VR Improved rendering for ghosts V1.12 – VR Ensured backing is updated for tutorials / building ingredients V1.12 – VR Fixed building mission missing from watch V1.12 – VR Fixed icon for artifact V1.12 – VR Fixed molotov null ref error V1.12 – VR Prevented haptics from triggering with grabber ping pong V1.12 – VR Fixed custom floor placement V1.12 – VR Fixed tutorial missing button for survival book V1.12 – VR Fix for roof construction VR V1.12 – VR Fixed VR ‘interactable’ destroy bug V1.12 – VR Fixed hint display issue VR V1.12 – VR Disabled some HUD gui in VR crafting V1.12 – VR Fixed Opening inventory with survival book locked player V1.12 – VR Fixed Sliders bug in options in game V1.12 – VR Fixed HUD (health) display issues V1.12 – VR Fixed bats visible at start V1.12 – VR Setup new ingredients display for VR in inventory V1.12 – VR Fixed issue with error when returning to title scene V1.12 – VR Improved VR button shader V1.12 – VR Improved VR hint system V1.12 – VR Locked hand tracking for arm holding log V1.12 – VR Set correct verbs for inventory ‘use’ V1.12 – VR Added Equip hint when item is crafted on mat V1.12 – VR Stopped Ghosts rendering in pause menu V1.12 – VR Fixed the 2d fire effect on held stick V1.12 – VR Hid weapon stats in inventory V1.12 – VR Fixed sleeping Queue in Multiplayer preventing players from opening inventory/book V1.12 – VR Fixed adding rabbits to cages V1.12 – VR Fixed visual bug with bow disappearing visually for a few seconds when crafted V1.12 – VR Added repair blocked icon V1.12 – VR Added repair ‘progress’ icon V1.12 – VR Added ‘Stealth’ icon V1.12 – VR Added lighter first use icon V1.12 – VR Added building blocked icon V1.12 – VR Added missing prompt for rabbit cages V1.12 – VR Added core controller hints for inv/book on look at hands V1.12 – VR Disabled some tutorials for VR (book) V1.12 – VR Added new VR Quick Select System V1.12 – VR Blocked Inventory/book hints when not in world V1.12 – VR Fixed VR prompt translations V1.12 – VR Setup all items for quickselect placements V1.12 – VR Fixed quick select item placements on mat V1.12 – VR Support visuals for ‘non-equiment’ quick select V1.12 – VR Item names in inventory V1.12 – VR Made drop action a little more deliberate V1.12 – VR Fixed bug with the rabbit cages (hint not showing) V1.12 – VR Fixed a bug that stopped the ‘use’ progress bar not displaying initially on the traps when resetting V1.12 – VR Improved VR support for under water (shaders) V1.12 – VR Fixed issue with ‘Vignette’ eye overlap V1.12 – VR Fixed blotchy texture on VR player hands mesh V1.12 – VR Fixed watch not visible in inventory while in caves V1.12 – VR Fixed Unable to physically light pre-placed fires in caves V1.12 – VR Fixed missing ending triggers hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing Megan pickup hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing Placing megan into artifact hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing Timmy artifact hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing MP Sleeping hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing MP Backpack collection hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing MP Taking items from the plane tray hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing Drinking prompt hold prompt V1.12 – VR Fixed missing Water collection hold prompt V1.12 – VR Removed grip Lighter prompts V1.12 – VR Prevented stashing of left hand items when holding logs V1.12 – VR 2d HUD shows up on crafting mat when materials are added sometimes V1.12 – VR Fixed camera breaking when dying on rafts and in water v1.09 VR – Fixed glow under MP player visible when inventory is opened in caves v1.09 VR – Added skull icon on respawn in multiplayer, clearer text and made controllers visible v1.09 VR – Ik tracked arms now smoothly blend on and off when transitioning into cutscenes/full body animation v1.09 VR – Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in collision or falling through floor when entering caves v1.09 VR – Fixed some bone armour pieces visible on player when equipped v1.09 VR – Ik arms now blend off when controllers are not being held v1.09 VR – It’s possible to catch fish now with the spear v1.09 VR – Holding trigger now reverses the direction of the spear, to make it easier when throwing over the shoulder v1.09 VR – Fixed other players visible in overlook area during end game cutscene v1.09 VR – Fixed unable to place rabbits in rabbit cage v1.09 VR – Fixed missing vhs tape visuals v1.09 VR – Performance – Optimized which ui cameras are active v1.09 VR – Fixed missing plane crash audio v1.09 VR – Fixed wrong head mesh visible in ghost mode and dead screen v1.09 VR – Controllers are now visible in MP injured state and hanging in cave sequence v1.09 VR – UI outlines for delayed actions now have full rectangle instead of just 2 lines v1.09 VR – player names are now visible in MP v1.09 VR – Stick marker flag icons are now visible v1.09 VR – Fixed hands sometimes appearing to stutter when moving v1.09 VR – Added option to hold melee weapons in left hand v1.09 VR – watch face now turns on/off when looking at it v1.09 VR – Increased distance yacht lod switches in v1.09 VR- Fixed seam visible on players neck v1.09 VR – Fixed issue where vr could sometimes get ultra low settings when starting after playing the regular version of the game VR Beta 3 Sticky bombs made clearer visually in inventory VR Beta 3 Caves – fixed air hole in waterzone under geese lake VR Beta 3 Caves- fixed hole in cave 9 VR Beta 3 Walkie talkie now shows a click to equip in inventory and can now be equipped from inventory VR Beta 3 Fixed quiver getting completed instead of rabbit boots if there are enough ingredients for the later VR Beta 3 Fixed a case of some item views being broken in inventory after loading a save VR Beta 3 Fixed screen layout when switching some resolutions VR Beta 3 (Multiplayer) Added same version check as with DS to the game browser VR Beta 3 DS – Added progress circle when loading server list VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed a case of action icons not hiding completely VR Beta 3 VR:Added new Audio Driver option allowing to pick which output should be used by the game VR Beta 3 VR:Added capped hand models to menu selection hands VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed assigning hotkey items to backpack breaking inventory VR Beta 3 VR:Vive triggers buttons deadzone increased, less sensitive to minor touches VR Beta 3 VR:Player body is now aligned with vr camera angle when rotating more than 90 degrees VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed camera sometimes not positioned correctly during ghost mode cutscenes VR Beta 3 VR:Right handed bow option added VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed issues with VR camera updating incorrectly while attached to structures and objects VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed hands not getting clean when washed in water VR Beta 3 VR:Fixed camera becoming offset/stuttery when using catapults built on steep terrain VR Beta 3 VR: Added multiplayer support VR Beta 3 VR: Added controller button icons for context actions VR Beta 3 VR: Enabled support for color grading settings in options VR Beta 3 VR: Added warning when player real-world movement is blocked VR Beta 3 VR: Fixed camera breaking when dying on rafts and in water VR Beta 2 Fixed game outputting at a lower resolution than it was rendering at VR Beta 2 Added VR laser pointer to interact with menus VR Beta 2 New movement option added, controller-based direction (direction is controlled by the position of left hand) – off by default, can be set in vr option menu VR Beta 2 Added physical crouching option – off by default, can be set in VR option menu VR Beta 2 Added visuals for controllers in the options menu and title scene VR Beta 2 Hold to take items such as eating food now have a visual to give a clearer idea how long you need to press (same as the 2d version) VR Beta 2 Can now drop animal heads the same way as dropping bodies and logs, with trigger VR Beta 2 Blocked opening inventory while holding log sled VR Beta 2 Improved feel of nocking arrows VR Beta 2 You can now light fires by moving your held lighter to them VR Beta 2 Fire arrows can now be lit from fire stands VR Beta 2 Replaced keybindings window in VR with a VR options menu VR Beta 2 Fixed entire napkin not selecting the item when there’s only one on it making it easier to take items off mat (same as 2d version) VR Beta 2 Added new option for autorun VR Beta 2 Right-hand trigger press now clicks the currently targeted UI element in menus VR Beta 2 Tweaked axe swinging, you now need to swing further to damage structures VR Beta 2 Now using left trigger to press buttons in book VR Beta 2 Fixed adding resources to structures input sometimes not responding VR Beta 2 Improved readability of options menu in game VR Fix 1 Fixed VR gameplay option darkening not working correctly and setting reversed values VR Fix 1 Fixed in game options screen breaking on lower quality settings due to a layer distance issue VR Fix 1 Fixed issue with being unable to save game on lower quality settings VR Fix 1 Fixed repair hammer not repairing structures VR Fix 1 Switched drop from press downwards to trigger button when holding a body or log VR Fix 1 VR – setting VR snap option to 0% now enabled free rotation using X sensitivity instead of snap VR Beta VR added to The Forest

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