In The Forest the chain saw is one of the most helpful Tools. The device acts as a weapon and a working tool at the same time, and you can even upgrade.

The chain saw in The Forest find made easy

The Forest is not a game for the faint of heart and as a player you need to have enough Tools to not be on the plate of the cannibals to the land. The chain saw is extremely helpful. You can collect with this quick wood, and even to Not self-defend. It is a copy is to be found in the game world, and we will show you how to find them.

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  • First of all: There is no harm if you take the Kletteraxt. With this, you can bypass enemies on the spot and the cave in which the chain saw is, again, easily left.
  • The chain saw is in the cave 3, which is accessible via several entrances. The easier access you will find on the map, marked with a yellow circle.
  • You make on the way to this point, and they are based on the Bank of the river. Once you discover several white tents, you are right.
  • You approach the tents and they look on the small hill to a cave entrance. Squeeze through and enter the cave. Follow the cave and turn right at intersections, always to the left.
  • If you follow the cave far enough into the Interior, you need to climb down twice. For this you need the Kletteraxt to get back out there.
  • Once you get to the second big room with dismembered bodies, you need to keep a table on the left side on the look-out. In this the chain saw is located.
  • The chain saw you can’t even craft in The Forest. You can, however, lamps from the chain-saw, electrical tape and a flashlight the pocket-Upgrade restore. The Upgrade you have fitted to your chain saw with a flashlight and thus, a light source during use.
The Forest: chainsaw, find and craft - how to

At this point, the Map you find in The Forest is the entrance to cave 3, where you will find the chain saw.

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