After the cutscene where Spyro properly introduces himself to Elora and gets the lowdown, you’ll be outside the Portal to Glimmer. Just to get this out of the way early, it’s impossible to find everything in Summer Forest on the first visit, so for the moment we’re going to focus on everything you can get to right now.

To begin, spin the camera around Spyro and locate the Butterfly Jar next to Glimmer’s Portal. Bust it open to release the 1up Butterfly inside. When Sparx eats it, Spyro will gain an extra life! Now follow the outer wall behind the tree next to the river to find a Red Gem. Keep following it across the river to get two Green Gems, a Red Gem and find another Butterfly Jar. From there, turn left and spot the two Green Gems on the nearby steps; pick them up, but ignore Elora for now.

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From here, look back to the Glimmer Portal and go right up to the base of the wall to the right of it to find another Red Gem. Follow the wall to your right and you’ll come across two Red Gems between two trees. Turn to face the river and you’ll see another Red Gem on the other side. Now return to the steps, pick up the Purple Gem, and talk to Elora.

If you talk to Elora a second time, she’ll teach you how to bring up the Guidebook, which in Reignited you can also do via the Touchpad Button (PS4) / View Button (XBO) / Minus button (Switch). In addition to level stats, the Guidebook is also where you can view which Skill Points you’ve collected, as well as any expanded Guidebook sections you’ve unlocked with those Skill Points.

After you’re done talking to her, proceed inside where the next Purple Gem is. To your left is a Basket with a Gold Gem, and to your right are two Red Gems. Go to the end of the walkway where the two Green Gems are, pick them up, then attempt to Jump across. Hey-ho, you can’t! Turn around to spot the column on the other side of the stream here and collect the two Green Gems on either side of it. Locate the stairs nearby and hop up them, picking up five Red Gems and a Green Gem. Go back to the walkway to find Hunter, who will teach you about Gliding.

Moreso than Flaming or Charging, Gliding is the single most important move in Spyro, as it allows our dragon to reach all manner of areas he wouldn’t be able to otherwise. To do so, press the Jump button in mid-air. This will allow you to cross over the broken bridge to the other side where the four Red Gems are, and exit this building.

After picking the Red Gems up, head left to the wall and collect a Red Gem, then return to exit of the building and face away from it. Go to where the two Baskets are (which contain a Purple Gem each), then talk to Zoe nearby. She’ll teach you about Sparx’s health.

Sparx’s health is indicated by his brightness and colour. When he’s gold, you’re at full health. If Sparx is blue you have two hits left, and at green you only have one. Get hit one more time after that, and Sparx will disappear, and won’t pick up Gems for you. If Spyro is hit one more time after this, he dies and loses a life!

To restore Sparx’s health, flame Fodder creatures. Fodder varies from level to level, and can be anything from Frogs and Sheep to Ladybugs like in Glimmer. Hit them and they’ll release a Butterfly for Sparx to eat, restoring one hit of health. In addition to that, after Sparx eats nine Butterflies, the next one that appears will be a sparkling blue 1up Butterfly. These give Spyro an extra life, and will restore Sparx to full health too! Thus if you find yourself getting killed a lot, kill as much Fodder as you can to keep your stock of lives up.

A helpful feature in Reignited is that Sparx will eat multiple Butterflies in one gulp if they’re nearby, so don’t worry if you spot Butterflies vanishing while Sparx eats one.


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Checkpoint 2

Behind Zoe will be a large lake, protecting the entrance to the castle. Wade out to the island with the Portal, this one to Colossus, and pick up the two Red Gems there. Instead of entering it, however, look around for Moneybags on a step on the shoreline. He’ll offer to teach Spyro how to Swim so he can get into the castle. Unfortunately he charges 500 Gems, more than you can possibly have at this point. For now, turn right to spot two Red Gems nearby and two Baskets behind them, containing two Purple Gems. If you look left, you can spot a metallic Vase next to the nearby wall.

Vases are just like Baskets, but being metallic they cannot be Flamed, so you’ll have to Charge to break them open. A time-saving tidbit is that if Spyro Charges through a Basket or Vase, the Gem will automatically fly into his possession!

The Vase will have the coveted and extremely rare Pink Gem, worth 25. From the Vase’s position, face away from the wall and walk around to the other side of the hill on your left. You’ll collect three Green Gems along the way, and at the end you can find two Baskets up against the wall with a Purple Gem each. Go all the way around the next hill to find a Vase in an enclosed area with another Purple Gem. Turn around to face out of the enclosed area and spot the Idol Springs Portal with the pair of Green Gems and Baskets, which have a Purple Gem each. Now face away from the Portal and spot the two Red Gems to the right of the steps. Grab those, then jump up the steps (which have three Red Gems on them) and meet Hunter at the top.

Orb #1: Hunter’s Challenge

Talking to Hunter will initiate an Orb Challenge, which is actually disguised tutorial designed to teach you how to make expert Glides. To start, you’ll need to get up the step with Spyro’s highest Jump, which requires you to hold the Jump button down so Spyro stays in the air longer. The first gap requires a Glide. Unlike the broken bridge however, this jump will require a running start, plus a Glide started at the very top of Spyro’s highest Jump.

Gap #2 will require Spyro’s new move, the Hover. Hovering ends Spyro’s Glide, but will give him a short vertical boost and a small degree of horizontal movement. Hovering is absolutely essential for crossing the largest and most difficult gaps in the game. The third and final gap is actually pretty tricky. In addition to all of the requirements for Gap #2, #3 will ask you to Jump at the very edge of the platform, Hover at the last second, and push forward on the Left Stick so Spyro can make it. Do so, and Hunter will reward you with an Orb!

If you’re playing on PS4 or XBO, earning this Orb will have given you the “Well, You Might As Well” Trophy.

There’s also a secret method of extending your Glides in the game called the Charge Jump. All you have to do is Charge into your first Jump, then Glide. Charge Jumping sends Spyro much further forward than a normal Jump, which effectively adds a second Hover to the Glide. Use a normal Hover at the end, and even the game’s trickiest jumps will become much easier to pull off!

As you made your way across the platforms in the above Orb Challenge, you should have collected five Green Gems along the way.

This is all you can do here at the moment, so now it’s time to go to a new world: Colossus! That level is a good choice because unlike Idol Springs, it does not have any Swimming sections, so it can be fully completed on the first visit.

Checkpoint 3 (500 Gems)

If you’re reading this, you should have just completed Colossus with at least 500 Gems total in hand, which will allow you to explore the rest of Summer Forest.

From the Colossus Portal, swim across to Moneybags and pay him 500 Gems to learn how to Swim!

Swimming is pretty simple in Spyro. Press Square (PS) / X (XBO) to dive underwater, which even works if you’re Charging in mid-air! Once under, you can use the same button to Charge, which is useful in defeating underwater enemies and Vases. For a more leisurely pace, hold down X (PS) / A (XBO) to paddle. It’s well worth noting that unlike other, significantly less cool platforming characters, Spyro doesn’t have an air meter, and can stay underwater indefinitely.

If you’re playing the PS1 version, a handy rule about water that’s safe to swim in is the transparency. If you can clearly see through it, it’s safe to jump in. If it’s opaque, don’t!

Orb #2: On a Secret Ledge

Now before we go exploring the main Summer Forest lake, it’s time to collect another Orb! Go all the way back to the first field where the Portal to Glimmer is, then follow the stream to the lake at the far end. Dive into the pool to find two Red Gems and three Vases with a Purple Gem each.

At the bottom of the pool will be a tunnel: follow it to the end, collecting two Red Gems and four Green Gems along the way. Swim up to the surface at the end and hop up the steps, collecting four Green Gems and a Red Gem along the way. At the very top will be the Orb! Note the “ding” sound it makes when it hits the ground; this is unique to Orbs and is a great way to tell if one’s nearby (at least in the PS1 version).

The ledge you found the Orb on overlooks the Summer Forest lake, so dive in to explore! At the bottom of the lake you can find two Red Gems, as well as two Vases containing a Purple Gem each. Locate the underwater entrance to the castle and swim through it, collecting three Green Gems along the way. In the room at the end, Charge the three Vases to collect five Purple Gems, then hop up the steps where the two Red Gems are. At the top of the steps, Flame the button to open the door forwards. In the next room, Flame the Baskets on the right to collect two Gold Gems, then hit the Button on the left to get to the next room.

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Checkpoint 4

Zoe here will remind you to collect Talismans, as well as Orbs. Orbs might not seem important now, but it’s crucial to get as many as you can as they are very much required late in the game.

You’ll now be in a lovely room with a tree in the middle. Head anti-clockwise to find Elora standing at the base of a ladder. Just like in Glimmer, you can’t climb it, meaning you can’t 100% Summer Forest right now. Continue around and pick up the four Red Gems in front of the Portals to Hurricos and Sunny Beach, as well as a Butterfly Jar.

On the opposite side of the steps will be Hunter, who will offer to toggle you between Passive and Active camera modes. When the camera is in Passive Mode, the default, you’ll be required to rotate the camera manually with L2/R2 (PS) or LT/RT (XBO). However, if you switch it to Active mode, the camera will always move to try and face the same direction Spyro is. If you want to change it later, you can do so in the Options menu.

In Reignited, the Active camera mode is a bit different. Rather than trying to stick behind Spyro, instead it’ll instead adjust itself based on Spyro’s movements in a broader sense. Reignited players can additionally use the left trigger to center the camera directly behind Spyro. It’s also possible for them to set the trigger buttons to rotate the camera just like the original game, although this will remove the ability to center the camera and use the right trigger to Flame.

Collect the two Green Gems up the steps, then the two Purple Gems flanking the button in front of you. Turn left and open the Baskets for two Gold Gems, then head through the nearby doorway and up the steps with the two Red Gems. Collect to more Red Gems at the top, then turn left to talk to Elora. If you’ve collected three Orbs, the Portal will open to Ocean Speedway! We’ll tackle that level later.

Orb #4: Behind The Door

Now look for the Button in the Ocean Speedway room, which will open a door nearby. If you pay attention however, you’ll see another door further down the hall close when the other opens! So this Button is actually somewhat useless. Put the closest door in the closed position, then hop into the nearby window where the two Red Gems are. Look down the wall to spot another window that you can Glide over to with a Hover. Pick up the two Green Gems in the window, Charge the Vases on the floor to collect two Purple Gems, then enter the room at the end of the hallway to find the Orb!

Return to the tree room and hit the Button at the top of the stairs to open the door to the right of it. Charge the two Vases for a Gold Gem each, and find yourself below the two windows from earlier. Bust the three Baskets underneath them for three more Gold Gems, then speak to Moneybags nearby. Pay Moneybags 400 Gems to lower the curved wall behind him, which gives you access to the Aquaria Towers Portal.

Around the Aquaria Towers Portal, you can pick up six Green Gems, two Red Gems and a Purple Gem. Head through the doorway near the Purple Gem to enter the final room of Summer Forest. Flame the two Baskets for a Purple Gem each, then talk to Elora, who will explain the door behind her.

The door behind Elora is a Talisman Door, which hides the way to the boss dungeon of Summer Forest. This is why Talismans are so important, as you need to collect all of them in a set of worlds to open the Talisman Door, face the boss, and move on to the next world.

That’s all you can do here in Summer Forest so far, so head all the way back to the outside of the castle to the Idol Springs Portal. You can find it near the exit of the building where Hunter first taught you how to Glide across the broken bridge.

Climbing Revisit

If you’re reading this section, you’ll be back because you now know how to Climb.

Orb #3: Atop a Ladder

To get this Orb, get to the tree room inside the main castle and locate Elora. Climb the ladder next to her and, once at the top, go left around the thin walkway. You’ll collect seven Red Gems before encountering this Orb! Keep going around to find the last three Red Gems and complete Summer Forest!

If you’re cleaning up Summer Forest’s climbing sections, you’ll now want to return to Glimmer, whose Portal is in the southern-most part of the level. Click here to be taken to the relevant section to help finish the level.

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