Sap Collector
Sap Collector

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Requires a Tree


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Passively collects sap


Certain trees cannot accept it


If blueprint is cancelled, Old Pot is lost

If tree is destroyed, sap collector is lost, no materials are recoverable



Buildable on

Trees only


Based on trees strength

The Sap Collector is a building that collects sap automatically for the player, it was added in update v0.18 of The Forest.


It can be built from the utility structure section of the survival guide. It must be built on a tree, some trees won’t accept sap collectors.

Once built, it will collect tree sap over time. The player can then periodically harvest it from the pot. The sap collector can only gather a maximum of 30 tree sap, and will not collect more until the player harvest it.

In multiplayer, different players will have access to their own sap from sap collectors. It doesn’t need to be shared. For example, you will get 30 each if it is completely full.

You can carry an unlimited amount of sap, so making more than one sap collector can have benefits.

If you cancel a sap collector after you have placed the old pot, the old pot will disappear so be cautious.

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Keep in mind that old pot are extremely useful for gathering water, fresh or polluted. Make sure you have access to water before using your old pot as you may be left without a means to obtain water.



  • If the tree that the Sap Collector is attached to is cut down, you cannot recover the old pot, be careful of Armsys


  • As it appears in the Survival Guide

  • As it appeared in the Survival Guide

  • The sap collector

Update history[]

Version Changes
v1.0 Removed building proximity check on structures where it didn’t make sense, such as bridges, ziplines, leaf pile traps, sap collectors etc
v0.63 Fixed tree sap collector cutting leaves when attached to a tree
v0.62 Fixed tree sap collector ghost construction hammer position
v0.61 Fixed ghost Wall Planter, Wall Weapon Rack, Head Trophy, Ceiling Skull Lamp, Wood Bench and Sap Collector not turning red when not placeable
v0.18 Sap Collector added to the game

New building: Tree sap Collector ! Add to a tree (like tree houses) and come back frequently to gather the resource. Use it wisely to repair your fort from mutant attacks ! (can be found beside Bow Target in book)

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