We only sell local recycled hardwoods of the highest quality.

If you are in need of mulch and happen to be around the Brentwood, NY area, trust in We Supply Mulch Corp.

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  • Premium Natural and Dyed Mulch
  • Made from 100% Local Hardwood
  • Bulk Delivery Available
  • Local Pickup Welcome
  • Wholesale Pricing for All Customers

We Supply is proud to offer Long Island a choice between all hardwood seasoned firewood and premium kiln dried firewood. 

All local hardwood firewood by the ful cord or half cord. Seasoned at least 8-10 months.

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Delivering the best seasoned firewood by the half cord, full cord or more to Long Island homes and businesses. 

Our season firewood is delivered loose and dumped in a locatino of your choosing. Ask about stacking for an additional fee. 

Premium Long Island Mulch and Firewood

Now selling 100% dry oven baked kiln firewood by the half cord or bag. 

Kiln firewood is oven baked to remove 100% of the mosisture out of the wood ensuring the perfect burn.

Our kiln dried firewood is delivered in a metal palletized crate for easy placement and storage.

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Premium Long Island Mulch and Firewood

We Supply food grade restaurant firewood to Long Island and the surrounding area. Local hardwood only and available in bulk or regular delivery.

Request a sample today to try our well seasoned and kiln dried firewoods in your pizza oven, brick oven or BBQ smoker. If your business needs firewood fast call +1.419.926.8437 and let us know you need cooking firewood fast.

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