The Modern Axe is a tool and weapon that was added in update v0.02 to The Forest.


The modern axe has a carbon steel head with a fiberglass shaft. It is the best available real axe for tree cutting in the game.

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When used as a weapon, it deals five bars of damage. The modern axe swings slower than the plane axe, but knocks down cannibals more often than its weaker counterparts. Possessing nine bars of block, equivalent to the crafted axe and Crafted Club, it blocks almost all damage. The rusty axe, turtle shell, and club will block 100% of damage however.

The modern axe uses 7.9 points of stamina per swing and 23 points for a power attack. It is capable (with upgrades) of doing more than 3x more damage than the katana. The modern axe is often regarded to be the best weapon in the game.


The Modern Axe is located in Cave 2 – Hanging Cave, more precisely in Hidden Stash Room

  • Enter the cave from the west entrance (in the cliff near the native camp by the lake on the southern portion of the map). Continue straight until you enter a room. There a are 2 cannibals in this room. After killing the cannibals, find the area in this room with water on the floor. Upon entering the area with water on the floor, follow the wall on the right and there will be a chair on a rock. To the right of the chair is a very long rope. At the bottom of this rope, continue straight and you will enter a room full of boxes. The modern axe is located at the back of the room, on top of some boxes. There is also a can of red paint, a paintbrush, some soda cans, modern arrows, meds, dynamite, ropes, flares, and an autopsy report.

(Note: You can climb down long ropes past your stamina limit without fear of falling.)

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  • v0.18c – New modern axe art added! – The modern axe received a complete texture overhaul.
  • The modern axe appears to be closely modeled after a Fiskars splitting axe.


  • Modern Axe Icon

  • Modern axe full view.

  • Modern axe in player’s hand (first person).

  • The modern axe held by the player.

Update History[]

Version Changes
v1.05 Fixed upgrades on modern axe disappearing on load
v1.0 Burning weapons are no longer extinguished when entering caves and climbing ropes

Improved placement of weapons on racks and holders!

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Molotovs and held burning weapons are no longer extinguished by rain

Improved look of held weapon fire and added distortion effect

Cloth wrapping weapons is now red

v0.70 Poisoned weapons will now display a visual
v0.69 You can now poison most weapons by combining them with poison berries, or poison mushrooms.
v0.60 Caves – removed duplicate modern axe from Cave 7
v0.58 (Audio) Fixed modern axe playing incorrect impact sound when hitting plane wreckage.
v0.47 Added heavy attack for large axe type weapons
v0.35 Fixed heavy axe behaving like a stick if swung while jumping
v0.34 (Balance) Slightly faster transition into heavy axe attack
v0.28 Moved second modern axe from dead tree to deeper inside cave 2. Moved katana from in front of cave 1 to deeper inside cave 1. Moved rusty axe from early in cave 5 to deeper inside cave 5
v0.27 (Balance) Slightly increased all axe damage
v0.25 (audio) Axe, club and rock weapons now make impact sounds when hitting plane hull

(balance) Slightly lowered energy drain from swinging an axe

v0.24 (multiplayer) Fixed weapon damage inconsistency between single player and multiplayer – ie modern axe now takes less chops to chop down a tree in multiplayer
v0.19b Fixed missing modern axe pickup! (check main cannibal village dead tree)
v0.19 (multiplayer) Fixed bug where modern axe would appear as old yellow axe to other players
v0.19 Balance – Modern axe removed from yacht.
v0.18c New modern axe art added!
v0.18 Some axes now are faster at chopping trees than others (Hint, modern axe is better)

Stealth kills can now be performed with any axe/rock/stick type weapon

v0.16 New combat move – Flying axe attack. Attack downwards with axe while jumping to perform a powerful ground chop.
v0.07 Fixed yellow axe mesh not visible when equipped
v0.05 Fixed yellow axe not appearing in inventory
v0.04 Increased axe damage against enemies
v0.02 Modern Axe added to the game (originally called the yellow axe)

New suprise item added to yacht

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