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The Mierani Forest (pronounced meer-AWN-ee)[1] was until recently part of northwestern Varisia; it is now annexed to New Thassilon. The forest is one of the ancestral homes of the elves in Avistan.[2][3]

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Situated between the Calphiak Mountains and the Velashu Uplands, the Mierani Forest also borders the Steaming Sea to its north.[2] The forest is known for its ancient, verdant fir trees, pines, and redwoods,[4] and plentiful wildlife, gently maintained by the elves.[5]

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Elves of the Mierani

The elves are quite protective of the forest and go to great lengths to keep intruders out, especially lumberjacks and monsters.[5] Although they live throughout the forest, the greatest concentrations can be found in the villages of Crying Leaf, cliff-side Arsmeril, and the ruins of their ancient capital, Celwynvian.[6][7] The job of clearing the forest of danger after the elves’ long period away from Golarion continues: they regularly battle ettercaps and carnivorous plants, but their main target is the green dragon Razorhorn.[5] Some Mierani elves are so distraught over their inability to retake their ancient city since their return, that they leave the forest to become Forlorn.[8]

New Thassilon

After the founding of New Thassilon in 4718 AR,[9] Runelord Belimarius moved quickly to annex the Mierani Forest, though the elves who live there oppose this part of Edasseril’s expansion.[3]

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