Log Holder
Small version of the Log Holder

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Small Log Holder v0.01

Large Log Holder v0.45

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Small Version

Large Version




Stores Logs


Cannot be changed after being built


See more: Ability Tree (Ori and the Blind Forest)

Small version stores 7 Logs

Large version stores 12 Logs



Buildable on

Most surfaces & Boats



The log holder is a storage building that has two variants, they both store logs and provides a convenient as well as secure place store any extra logs for future projects or repairs. They can be placed on almost all surfaces, including small rafts, large rafts, house boats and cranes.


It can be extended by pressing R, which increases the holding capacity to 12 though costs more sticks

To place a  log  into the holder, approach and press C. To pickup logs, press E.

Small log holders store 7 logs and large log holders store 12 logs. The log sled can store 12 logs. It is cheaper than large log holders, it is invulnerable, and it can be moved.



  • How the log holder appears in the Survival Guide

  • How the log holder appeared in the Survival Guide

  • Small Log Holder

  • Large Log Holder

  • Log Holder

  • Full Log Holder

  • Large Log Holder

Update History[]

Version Changes
v0.72b Fixed save system not always initializing correctly, possibly causing some player made structures to go missing such as log holders
v0.72 (Multiplayer) Fixed issues with small log holder on moving structure after moving away (not retroactive)

Survival Book – build image polish to match built items for Rabbit Cage, Log Holder and Small Cabinet

v0.67 Fixed UI widget staying visible if grabbing log quickly from log holder after it gets destroyed
v0.57 Fires, Drying rack, Armor mannequin, Skin rack, food holders, weapon rack, explosive holder, stick, rock and log holders, arrow and bone baskets, and gardens all have a new UI
v0.47 Improved large log holder repair trigger positioning

Fixed wrong material on ghost log holder sticks, ghost basket sticks, raft built sticks and wrong layer settings for ghost weapon rack and floor hole cutter

v0.45 (Large) Log holder added to the game. Holds 12 Logs.
v0.41 (Multiplayer) Client adding 2 logs to a log holder/sled with only one free slot will get back the extra log instead of it being forever gone
v0.21 Fixed log holder take/add icon arrows reversed

Bed, Log Holder, Rock Holder, Stick Holder, Weapon Rack and Explosive holder can now be jumped by cannibals and destroyed by mutants (Armsy, Virginia, Cow man)

v0.20b possible fix for issues with logs not visible in lod sled or log holder for older save games (not able to reproduce here, let us know if its still happening)
v0.20 Can no longer build big structures on raft & sled (only small ones like log holder/fires will work)
v0.19 It is now possible to build small structures (like log holders 😉 on top of rafts !

Added collision box to log holder

v0.15 Enemy bodies can now be transported via the log holder! (SP only)
v0.10 Log holder is now pushable using push and hold animations
v0.09b (multiplayer) Fixed bug where rock holder/log holder/log sled use/construction could cause clients to be kicked from game
v0.07 Moveable log holder blueprint added
v0.02 Fixed log holder not saving logs on load/save
v0.01 (Small) Log holder added to the game.

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