At Logs Direct, our kiln dried log bulk bundles offer the perfect solution for those looking to switch to a real fire heating system in their home but are worried about constantly needing to restock fuel. All of our kiln dried logs are light, clean and easy to handle, with a reduced moisture content so that they give off more heat than unseasoned wood.

Why Should I Buy Log Bags in Bulk?

While our range of bags of kiln dried logs provide an ideal heating solution for those that only require enough firewood for shorter periods of time, our bulk bags are perfect for those looking to store enough fuel for the winter.

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Buying in bulk can save significant amounts of time and money that is usually lost restocking fuel. That is why our kiln dried log bulk bundles are perfect for anyone that is using a heating system for prolonged periods of time. It is important, however, to consider available space for storage ahead of time.

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How Do I Store Bulk Firewood Bundles?

When it comes to keeping large amounts of firewood, it is vital that they are stored correctly. Due to the large size of our bulk bundles, storing them indoors is not a practical option. We recommend storing them in a garage where possible or somewhere outdoors, like a back garden or shed. 

Our Kiln Dried Starter Pack & Log Store provides a quick and easy way to get started storing your firewood effectively. We recommend locating your store close to the house for additional weather protection and ease of access but keeping a small amount of room between the store and your wall to avoid moisture getting to the logs.

Why Choose Kiln Dried Logs?

From hardwood to softwood and olive wood, all of our kiln dried log bags contain firewood with a moisture content of 20% or less. This ensures that they are as fuel-efficient as they are cost effective. Without the added moisture that unseasoned wood contains, kiln dried logs are able to provide more heat and burn for longer.

Unlike unseasoned logs, kiln dried firewood does not give off blackening smoke that can leave heating systems covered in tar and creosote over time. With the reduced moisture content of kiln dried wood, they are also sure to last throughout the winter when stored outdoors properly.  

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Where Do Logs Direct Deliver?

At Logs Direct, our standard delivery is included within the overall cost of all our products and are delivered nationwide 5-7 working days from your order being made. All deliveries are made to the point nearest available point to your property that is a flat and hard surface, such as a kerb. 

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