[ˈfɒrɪst ]

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Examples of ‘forest’ in a sentence


Example sentences from the Collins Corpus

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The idea that charities and local groups can buy large chunks of forest is laughable.

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It is verdant and peaceful and has spectacular landscapes covered in dense pine forests and olive groves.

The resort is on a quiet curve of the coast amid thick tropical forest.

It was going to grow forests and then sell the timber.

Besides the economic exploitation of timber the forest area also acts in various ways as a public good.

The park is simultaneously an incredible wetland and one of the best examples of tropical dry forest remaining anywhere.

You pass by lakes and through forests, rising to grassy ridges.

We push up through pine forest to higher ground, where the trees thin out.

The logging destroys the forest plants, food for both men and the creatures they hunt.

Rather, the mountain was gone and the lake and the forest.

Example sentences from Collins dictionaries

The forest floor is not rich in vegetation.

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Mining would pollute the lake and denude the forest.

The mixed forest is cut commercially but is also carefully conserved to look good.

We walked along a track in the forest.

It is very hard to fight forest fires.

We cycled through the forest.

The forest enhances the attractiveness of the region.

They descended from the plane into a forest of microphones and cameras.

An eerie silence settled over the forest.

a rash of forest fires

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