Getting through the meadow isn’t terribly complicated, but you’ll have to make sure that the guards’ backs are turned to you. Use L-triggering to peak around corners and hide in the nooks when the guards come charging. Once you’re through, there is one last guard standing in your way. If you get close, he will start to swing his club and attack you with a projectile attack — again and again. The easiest way to take him out is to simply send a few Bombchus forward at him from far away. Voila!

You’ll meet up with a familiar character, then you’re finally standing in front of the temple. Use the hookshot you found in the graveyard to hook the tree branch hanging over the platform to pull yourself up.

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Forest Temple

The entrance (1) 

Before you actually enter the temple itself, you find yourself in the garden out front. Here two Wolfos will spawn in front of the door. Once you dispatch of these too critters, you have a pre-temple workout to get on! Be wary of the skulltulas but climb up the vines on the right wall to get to the platforms above the garden area. Climb onto the platform and jump across to the switch. A treasure chest containing a small key drops down, allowing you to enter the Forest Temple proper.

Gold Skulltula #49: There’s a gold skulltula on the vines to the right!

First Hallway (2F): Destroy the spiders using the hookshot.

Main hall: Four Poes will appear and take off to different directions. Go up the stairway in the north and enter the next room.

Small room, north, 1F: A time block is in the way. Play the Song of Time to clear the passage. Enter the small arena and battle two Wolfos. They can only be harmed when they’re about to strike, so just target one of them, stand still and hit them when they are about to slash at you. Defeat both to get a treasure chest with a small key. Break the pots and catch the fairy in your bottle, if you’ve got an empty one. You can return to this room to get more fairies in the future. Exit and go back to the main hall and take the east exit (the one close to the entrance).

East hallway, 2F: The door will close behind you. Walk forward and you will face a Stalfos. He hurts quite a bit, but simply anticipate his attack and slash him before he hurts you. Or play defensively with your shield and retaliate after his attack. Exit the room once you’ve killed the skeleton warrior.


Rectangular room, 1F/2F (east): This tall room once housed a few more enemies. But this is Master Quest, so nothing is as you would expect. First, follow the scratching noise…

Gold Skulltula: Turn right first and go around the corner to find a Skulltula on the ground.

Go north and climb up the two ladders. Navi will alert you to the triangles on the ground. Grab the block to the right and pull it into the direction the arrows are pointing. Push the block into the other tunnel until it’s aligned with the wall (don’t push it all the way in). Go into the tunnel that was blocked and around the left corner. There is another block here. Push it.all the way until a chime sounds.

The tunnel above is blocked, so go back to where you pushed the first block and climb up the ladder on the wall. Make a left and you will see a brown block with a yellow triangle on the floor. Pull it towards you. Go down the ladder to the block you pushed into the hole and climb on top. You can now push the brown block at the end of the tunnel forward. Push it all the way until you hear a chime. Climb on top of the brown block and you will stand next to a crystal switch. Hit the switch to bring up hookshot blocks and platforms. Ignore them for now. Continue upwards to arrive in a chamber with flying skulls and a locked door.

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Defeat the Blue Bubbles by running into them with your shield held up in front of you. This will knock them on the ground, allowing you to slash them to pieces. Open the door and go through.

Long hallway, northeast, 2F: Go straight and enter the attached room. Navi will warn you and tell you to look out for monster’s shadows. Whenever you stand still for too long, one will grab you and return you to the room’s entrance. For this reason, keep moving! Jump down to the bottom of the room and open the large chest to get the Boss Key. Jump into the hole and you will find yourself in…

Small room, northeast, 1F: Defeat the hand that drops into the room and the door will open.

Outdoor area, northeast: If you’re low on health, jump across to the stone arch and collect the hearts. Walk to the end of the balcony and turn left. Enter the room with the shutter door (the type that comes down from the top). Play the Sun’s Song to freeze the Redead zombie and slash at him until you hear a chime. Open the chest to get a small key and go back out to the main area. Make a left and open the door.

Tall room, east, 1F: You will be back in the large room from before. Strike at the crystal switch and you will twist the long passage on the upper floor. Use your hookshot and the glass platforms to go back up to the top of the room. Run past the respawned skulls and enter the now twisty hallway.

Small room, northeast, 2F: Jump to the first platform, then left to the second and open the door with the key you found earlier. Walk down the stairway (ignore the ghost in the painting for now), the go through the door with the torch.

Round room, north, 2F: Another fighting arena. Defeat the first Stalfos then get ready for two more. Remember to block and jump out of the way because these guys can cause a lot of damage. Once you’ve taken them out, a treasure chest will appear, which contains the Fairy Bow.

Northwest stairway, 2F: With the bow in hand, it’s now time to pay a visit to a Poe in the paintings left outside. Shoot the painting with the ghost from afar (if you’re too close, he’ll move to another painting). Shoot all the paintings until the Poe has nowhere left to go but out. Meet the Poe at the bottom of the steps.

Simply target him and shoot your arrow whenever he is visible (and not spinning). Move out of the way and use your shield when he comes after you. After a few hits, the Poe will be a goner, the blue torch will be lit, and a treasure chest will appear. Open it to get the compass. Since you don’t have a key to open this door, go back into the room where you fought the Stalfos knights and exit the other door.

Northeast stairway, 2F: This time, you’ll have track down a red Poe. Defeat him the same way as the blue ghost and grab the treasure in the chest: the dungeon map. Go back to the main hall.

Main hall: Shoot the eye above the northwestern passage and go through the door. You will gain access to a second outdoor area, this time on the other side of the temple.

Outdoor area, northwest, 1F: Enter the area and defeat the plants. Remember that you can stun them with your hookshot. Turn around and look for a hookshot target above the doorway you just came in through.

Gold Skulltula: Above the doorway, sitting on a hookshot target. Take it out with the hookshot and collect the Token.

Go to the well and stand on its edge. Look down and you will see an eye underwater. Shoot it with your bow. Climb down the ladder to find a chest with a small key.

Sewer, B1: Run all the way to the other end of the sewer (collect the hearts if you need health).

Gold Skulltula: There is a Skulltula sitting on the grate in the water. Defeat it and grab your reward.

Climb up the vines all the way. You will now emerge from the well in the northeastern outdoor area.

Gold Skulltula: Climb up all the way and you will reach a small platform. There’s a Skulltula here that will get you another Token.

Go back down and return to the other outdoor area on the other side of the sewer. Use the hookshot to get on top of the platform above the doorway. Look to the side and you will see a time block. Play the Song of Time and another block will appear. Jump to the second block and use your bow to shoot down a spider on the wall ahead of you.

Now fire the hookshot at the vines to get over there and climb up. Climb to the left and set down on the balcony. Open the treasure chest to get a small key. Look to the right to spot another bullseye target for your hookshot above a second balcony. Use it to launch yourself over.

Small rectangular room, north, 2F: Get rid of the spider with your hookshot, then stand behind the torch and shoot an arrow through the flame at the spider web.

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Outdoor area, northeast. You will find yourself in the other outdoor area. Kill the spider, then jump down and perform a roll (so that you don’t take damage). Take out the Octorocs by deflecting their rocks back at them with your shield.

Return to the main hall, take the right passage and make your way to where you fought the first two Poes. You can now open the locked door.

Small room, northwest, 2F: Drop down and immediately climb up the ladder to exit the room. Watch out for the “hand”. Go down the hallway (defeat the skull if you want) and enter the next room.

Square room, west, 2F: Rotating blocks, a frozen eye, a switch, and a torch. The problem is, you have to keep the switch pressed down to keep the torch lit. Jump over to the side platform in this room and grab the wooden crate. Bring it to the middle platform and step on the switch, then drop the crate. Now jump onto one of the moving platforms and target the eye with your bow. As soon as the flame is left in front of you, shoot the arrow through it at the eye. This will melt the ice and trigger the mechanism. The hallway will now be twisted. Pick up the crate and drop it somewhere else to release the door lock and exit. Go back to the small room.

Small room, northwest, 2F: Drop through the hole in the ground to find yourself in the hookshaped hallway in the northwest, 1F.

Checker hallway, northwest, 1F: It’s a trap. The ceiling will come down if you walk forward. The openings in the ceiling denote safe places to stand in, but be sure to watch out for the hanging Skulltulas. Taunt them to come down by running forward, then run back to a safe spot and use your hookshot to kill the spider. Good thing to note: Just go for the switches. The right one will open the gate around the corner, the left one releases a treasure chest. The chest only contains an arrow, so grab it quickly (it’s on a safe square), then go through the exit.

Outdoor area, northwest, 1F: You’re on the balcony in the outdoor area. Jump onto the time blocks to get down to the small island, defeat the plant and open the treasure chest. You will get another small key. Go back to the checker room.

Checker hallway, northwest, 1F: Go to the locked door beyond the ceiling puzzle. Careful, don’t get squashed. Open the gate and go through.

Square room, east, 1F: Get ready for a 3D block puzzle. Shoot the yellow Poe in the painting to cause five blocks to fall from the ceiling. You have to push these blocks together to form a picture of the Poe in the allotted time. Putting together the picture isn’t that tough. Use the eyes on the picture to orientate yourself. And yes, the blue block is meant to stick out like that. As soon as you’ve solved the puzzle, defeat the Poe and the torch will light up. Exit through the east exit. You’ll be back in the hall.

Main hall, 1F: Look down from the balcony and you will see the final, purple Poe in the middle of the room. Jump down and face him. The purple Poe will split into several Poes and surround you. Only the real one can be hurt. There is, of course, a way to tell the real one apart from the fake Poes. As the Poes appear watch what they do. One of them will turn around his own axis once before they all start to move. That’s the real one; lock on and shoot. When he’s defeated, all torches will be lit and you can ride the elevator down.

Carousel, B2: This room is actually a carousel of sorts. Push one of the wall sections that stick out and the room will rotate. Push once to open up a small side room with a treasure chest (arrows inside). Push the wall again. Another opening, this time with a switch. Shoot the crystal switch with the hookshot to open the door, then step on the switch in the small room to open a gate on the other side of the room. There’s nothing behind it, however. You have to turn the room again. Push the wall. Take out the spiders in the opening and smash the pots for some arrows. Give it one more push and the hallway is aligned so that you can get to the boss.

But first, run into the small room at the opposite side and look up while facing the doorway. There’s an eye there. Shoot it. The gate is now open. Go towards the long corridor on your map and open the boss door with the boss key.

Phantom Ganon

Nothing happens when you first step in, but attempt to leave to start the fun. Ganondorf will appear — but it’s only a spectral version of him. Stand towards the side of the room (you can get hit easier in the middle) and switch into the first-person view mode for the bow and arrow. Turn around to see Phantom Ganon galloping out of a painting. Not all of the “Ganons” are real, though. The one that generates a purple portal is the real one. Shoot him immediately. If he gets through and rides through the room, either try to follow and shoot him or use your shield to make sure that the ensuing electric attack doesn’t hit you.

Once you have hit him a few times, he will descend from his horse and play a nasty version of tennis with you. The closer you are to him when you return the energy ball, the bigger the chance that he gets hit, but it’s also tougher to get the timing left. Return the ball when it’s close to you by hitting it with your sword. Be careful, though, as Phantom Ganon can do the same and send it back to you a few times before it hits him. Once he’s hit, he will be stunned for a short time. Run forward and strike him with the sword as many times as possible. Once he’s down for good, you will get your prize.

For a more in-depth description for defeating this boss, see Phantom Ganon for more information.

Get your Heart Container and step into the glowing circle and prepare to meet Saria.

Now is a good time to get the Scarecrow’s Song. Go to Lake Hylia in the south of the overworld. Climb up the ladder on the left side of the fence and walk on top of the wall to get past the tall part of the fence. Look for a scarecrow off to the right (the left one, not the right one) and talk to it. Get out your ocarina and play a melody you can easily remember. For example, it’s boring, but pressing the same two notes over and over ensures that you’ll know the tune. Once you’ve played eight notes, the scarecrow will remember the song. Come back in the future and play the song again. You will now have a friend and helper.

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