“They found the home of the child who embraced our light.”‘
—The Spirit Tree at the entrance to the Black Root Burrows

Black Root Burrows is a location in Ori and the Blind Forest, one of two new areas introduced in the Definitive Edition, the other being the Lost Grove. Its entrance is tucked away just above the first Spirit Well at the bottom of Sunken Glades, and it requires Wall Jump to be accessed.

In the Black Root Burrows, minimal skill usage is necessary for simple completion of the area’s main tasks. But unless Stomp has been learnt of Nibel’s skills, Ori cannot gain access to the Lost Grove or stumble upon its more complicated secrets. If you do not have a sufficient amount of knacks, Sein will prompt Ori to explore more of Nibel before returning to the Black Root Burrows.

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Ori and the Blind Forest/Definitive Edition[]

After climbing up the wall just right to a Spirit Well within the Sunken Glades, Ori will encounter a stone statue, which Sein claims to recognize. A memory of young Naru and her father appears briefly before disappearing. Sein tells Ori that their adoptive mother, as a child, looked after the creatures of light whenever she could.

Similar to the Misty Woods, Ori and Sein find the Black Root Burrows shrouded in darkness. A gift from the Spirit Tree, a globe of light, allows Ori to see moving platforms and secrets hidden under the cover of the shade. The light also can set fire to lanterns as well, opening up more of the area. After leaping through the complicated network of platforms, Ori finds a statue of Naru’s Father. They light it using the Spirit Tree’s gift, lifting the darkness and restoring light once again to the forgotten place.

Nearby, Ori discovers the Ancestral Tree of Eki, one of Naru’s former childhood friends. Sein explains that Eki had tried to find Naru, but she had left before he arrived. He became lost in the darkness of the Black Root Burrows. By absorbing his light, Ori learns Dash.

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If Ori has not learned enough to venture into the sub-area, Sein will ask Ori to explore more of Nibel, and return when they have the skill to go deeper. If they are ready, Ori can go onward into the Lost Grove without an issue.


  • The story implies that the Black Root Burrows was veiled in darkness long before Kuro stole Sein, perhaps after Naru left, but it is still unconfirmed.
  • The Black Root Burrows and its sub-location, the Lost Grove, are only available in the Definitive Edition of Ori and the Blind Forest, and does not exist in the previous version.
  • The statue found in the Black Root Burrows resembles Naru’s father, suggesting someone made it in honor of him.
  • This location was originally part of the Lost Grove, and the collective location was referred to as Mangrove Falls. This name is used to refer to game objects in this area within the game’s code and assets, however no external references to this name exist. Most references in assets pertain to the lower portions of the Black Root Burrows, where Light Burst (Blind Forest) is acquired, potentially implying that the area was far smaller in development.

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